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3Shape TRIOS®
The Ultrafast Optical Sectioning technology of TRIOS® captures more than 3000 two-dimensional images per second and combines up to 1000 three-dimensional digital pictures to create the final 3D digital impression. The large Smart-Touch screen displays a real-time 3D visualization of the impression being built up during scanning. A motion sensor interface allows the user to virtually rotate and turn the digital impression using the handheld like a gaming controller.

3Shape offers easy and efficient dentist-lab cooperation through flexible output made instantly available for the lab, plus advanced lab-dentist communication features (3Shape Communicate). Dentists can preview 3D lab designs on the TRIOS® screen, evaluate and agree on margin lines, and access virtual diagnostic wax-ups for discussion with patients. Below is a short video that shares even more information about the TRIOS® Scanner.